Cancer Lesson #43: It’s Not Fair

Originally posted on 4 July 2011. Reposted in honor of a co-worker fighting to stay alive and a friend about to undergo chemo for the second time.

Cancer Lesson #43: It’s Not Fair.

A friend died this morning.

As his wife put it, after more than a year fighting the disease, today he declared his own Independence Day from cancer.

It’s not fair. Some people spend their entire lives abusing their bodies – jumping from one medical crisis to the next – yet live on, while Dale, who struggled so hard to stay alive just couldn’t catch a break.

I’m not stupid. I understand life isn’t fair.  But at times like this, it’s hard to accept that reality. Twice in the last six months, cancer has cut down a friend who had much to live for and much to give. Someone who was kind and brave and fought like hell to live.

In memory of Dale Hood and Pat Carterette. The world is a lesser place for having lost you.

In honor of all those who continue the fight.

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3 thoughts on “Cancer Lesson #43: It’s Not Fair

  1. Reblogged this on harlequin forests and commented:
    This post wields the double-edged sword of the brutal truth; that is, that life just isn’t fair. My mum had cancer and a brain infection simultaneously and whilst the cancer is gone, she is still brain damaged and won’t ever return to independent normalcy, or simply put, everyday life. The bitter truth is, is that illness takes some of the best people. Unfortunately, that’s just the way it is. As my mum would say, “it’s the cycle of life.”

    Great post, keeping-a-breast (forgive me for I don’t know your actual name)! I recommend that you all go check out her blog. Love, Natalie


    • I know. Death is part the “cycle of life,” a place we all get to. Still, there are times I can’t help but rant about the injustice of it all. Thanks for taking the time to read, re-blog, and leave a comment. I am so sorry to hear about your mother’s condition — it must so very frustrating for you both.


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