Cancer Lesson #63: Cancer Has a Lot of Nerve

Cancer Lesson #63: Cancer has a lot of nerve.

I know this because it’s taken so many of mine.

Try this: Run a finger across a scar.
It probably feels different from the rest of your skin, maybe even numb.

Well, I have a lot of scars. One encircles my relocated belly button – kind of like a bull’s-eye – and a long one crosses my abdomen.  Then there are the others, on and around my breast and under my arm.

Twelve hours of surgery does that to a body.

It’s been almost four years since my surgery, but I still don’t feel much around the scars, even partway down my arm.

I can live with that.

But I can’t tell you how odd it is to have my breast bump into a wall – or worse, another person – and not realize it.

Yeah. Think about that one for a minute.

And when I scratch an itch – which, for some reason, I can still sense – it’s feels like someone’s running a finger up a completely different part of my arm.

Yet, I’d rather have these side effects knowing my lymph nodes were clear than feel everything and find out later they weren’t.

Part of me thinks I should take advantage of the situation and get a wild tattoo.

But I’m cheap so I probably won’t.


4 thoughts on “Cancer Lesson #63: Cancer Has a Lot of Nerve

  1. Yes, that itch thing. Oh, and I have numbness where I didn’t even have surgery. Hands and feet. I drop things, bump into things, think my hand or foot is someplace different from where it is. Peripheral neuropathy is just a smart way of saying chemo did a helluva lot of damage to the good bits, not just the bad stuff…. One weird thing though. I feel like I’m getting sensation back now that I have an expander in my chest and a growing bump. I feel it more than when it was a nasty sunken scar. I’m beginning very slowly to like my chest again!


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