Cancer Lesson #67: Lowbrow Humor

Cancer Lesson #67: Lowbrow Humor

Your eyebrows and lashes may disappear more slowly than your hair. Likewise, when they reappear, the process may be sluggish.

This means you could be sporting the Uncle Fester look for longer than you expected.

While I was grateful not to lose my lashes and brows entirely, I found I missed them more than my hair. And though both returned eventually, neither they nor my hair are quite as thick as I remember them being before cancer.

4 thoughts on “Cancer Lesson #67: Lowbrow Humor

  1. I used to have really good brows. Three years on from chemo, they’re still light, sparse and a completely different colour. I’ve given up waiting, and these days I have them tinted to an approximation of their original colour so that the face I look at in the mirror looks like me instead of an egg-faced stranger. Oddly enough, my eyelashes seem to have returned to normal, but I’ll never need to shave my legs again! Apart from the brows, nature has been kind to me!


  2. You know, I hadn’t really thought about it, but the hair on my legs is also thinner. Perhaps that can be my silver lining. 😉 Happy to be here, happy to have hair. (And the second part is negotiable.)


  3. I’m not sure I noticed that, so maybe it didn’t happen to me. Your comment made me laugh, although that wasn’t the intent, and I’m glad you shared it because others may feel the same.


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