Cancer Lesson #68: Always Looking Forward

Cancer Lesson #68: Always Looking Forward

Ten months after being diagnosed, I took my first exercise class after surgery and chemo. <cue the applause>

I wasn’t sure how I’d do. I’ve always been blessed with a nature flexibility, but cut muscles and scar tissue take their toll. My body didn’t move like before. (It still doesn’t.)

There were certain poses I knew I wasn’t ready for. But I also knew I’d never be ready for them if I didn’t try.

So if my plank looked more like downward facing dog, it didn’t matter. It was heaven to discover I could move in some of the ways I had before.

The best was the warrior pose – “Always looking forward” as my teacher describes it.

Her words felt like a benediction because once you’ve had a serious illness, your body never returns to how it was.

We can only move toward the future, eyes forward, like the warrior.

Cancer was an unplanned detour that changed me forever, and yet I’m still the same person I was, with many of the same goals.

I move forward to accomplish those I can while I am still here. Paying attention to my spiritual and bodily needs is part of that, as it should be for everyone, cancer survivor or not.

And so, gentle readers, I close this post as in all yoga classes.

Namaste. (The light within me salutes the light within you.)

2 thoughts on “Cancer Lesson #68: Always Looking Forward

  1. A month after my last dose of chemo, I took an aqua-robics class design especially for breast cancer sufferers (no strenuous arm movements, etc). I walked (ok, crept) out of the pool shaking all over, but feeling better than I had for weeks because I was finally moving again. I still can’t do what I used to, I still can’t shake a lot of the excess weight that crash-menopause and steroids loaded on, but I can and do move. I see your light, and salute it in return.


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