Cancer Lesson #71: Cancer Makes You a Bad Risk

Cancer Lesson #71: Cancer makes you a bad risk.

I’m a bad risk.

I know because Metropolitan Life Insurance sent me a letter telling me so. It seems they “…considered carefully the Statement of Health … submitted requesting Dependent Life benefits” and “…find it necessary to decline the request for coverage at this time because of a history of breast cancer.”

Well. Beneath all the wordiness and unnecessarily capitalized words lurks a bluntness that took me by surprise.

To be honest, I expected them to turn me down, having long suspected insurance policies are a like mortgages – in order to get one, you must prove you don’t need it.

I’m sure their decision is backed up with statistics galore, but what do they know?

No one can predict who will get cancer or if it will return.

Not even MetLife.


4 thoughts on “Cancer Lesson #71: Cancer Makes You a Bad Risk

  1. Curious that they don’t factor in the increased awareness and self-monitoring that goes on after cancer… I reckon we’re probably more proactive healthwise than our non-BC sisters, and by extension, a better risk for them, especially after the 5 year landmark. Medical insurance here seems to be fairly enlightened too; I’ve been shopping around for something cheaper after the latest price hike, but without much hope. Imagine my surprise at discovering that now I’ve passed 3 years, I’m considered an acceptable risk again and a new company would cover me for BC related issues.

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