Cancer Lesson #15: Those Benign Ladies


Cancer Lesson #15: Those Benign Ladies

When my surgeon’s nurse called with the arrangements for the  tests I needed, she said Dr. S would see me again when the results were returned.

I could almost hear her mind whirring through the sound waves on my phone and could tell she was looking at the schedule, trying to calculate when that might be and how she’d manage to fit me in.

Finally she said something like “I’ll get you in somehow. I might have to move some people around, but those benign ladies can wait.”

“Those benign ladies” – I nearly laughed aloud.  I’d always figured patients who were seriously ill took precedence over those with more minor ailments, but hearing that reality voiced so bluntly was refreshing.

So the next time you have to wait longer than you expected for an appointment, remember it’s probably because you’re  one of the “benign ladies.”

And that’s not such a bad thing to be.