Cancer Lesson #47: We Rarely Get What We Deserve

Cancer Lesson: 47: We rarely get what we deserve.

People were overwhelmingly kind to me when I was in treatment. In addition to the cards – which I know numbered over a hundred – I received flowers, fuzzy blankets to keep warm during chemo, a lovely handmade wool wrap, more meals than I could count, books (both to read and to color – my friends are nothing if not creative), visits, several soft hand-knit caps for cool nights, plants, home-baked goods, candy and Caramel Frappuccinos.

I’ll admit I hinted pretty heavily to get the Caramel Frappuccinos, but mostly, I felt undeserving of my friends’ generosity and fretted about to repay such kindness.

Then, my friend Kathy – who’s smarter than me – said, “Don’t you know that’s what grace is, Kym?”

She was right. I didn’t ask for those things (other than the Caramel Frappuccinos <blush>). And I understand now that most people share an inherent compassion that makes them want to help others.

So, if you find yourself besieged with goodies, try not to feel guilty. Instead, accept the gifts with grace and gratitude  and reflect on how lucky we are to have such people in our lives.

Because no one “deserves” to get cancer either.

“In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.”

 — Anne Frank

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