Cancer Lesson #84: Locks of Love

Cancer Lesson #84: Locks of Love

If I seem a bit obsessed with hair, that’s partly because people associate hair loss with chemo, and not because I’m especially vain about my hair, though I used to be.

My wavy chestnut strands dwindled in importance when I was diagnosed. And when the doc confirmed I would lose those strands with chemo, I decided it made sense to get them cut before surgery. A shorter cut would be easier to care for during my recovery and might make the inevitable loss of hair a little less stressful.

It also made sense to donate the hair instead of leaving it on the salon floor. I was going to be bald, but maybe my hair could help someone suffering a more long-term hair loss.

So, here’s an idea. If you’re making a similar change in hairstyle (hopefully not because you’re going to lose your hair to chemo), perhaps you’d like to donate your clipped ponytail to  Locks of Love.

The process is simple, and it’s a nice thing to do. Just click on the link above for more information.They’ll even send you a certificate of appreciation like the one below.

And, for what it’s worth, you’ll earn my thanks too.certificate-of-appreciation2



Cancer Lesson #46: What to Wear on a No Hair Day

Cancer Lesson #46: What to wear on a no hair day.

When your comb starts to look like this, Shave!

and you decide it’s time to do this.


It’s important to remember wigs, scarves and hats can offer protection for self-confidence by dented hair loss. In this post, I present options – some serious, some not –for anyone forced to deal with those dreaded no-hair days.
Shave3While you may want to saddle up and ride west,
escape is only a temporary solution.


HardhatSome days, when  you’re feeling
particularly fragile,
a hard hat and safety glasses
can add extra protection.

The Shady Lady is popular.

So is the Motorcycle Mama.


Day-glow pink will brighten
the dreariest of days.

And there’s always that American favorite,
the baseball

hipsterIf you have crafty friends,
they can knit a cool hipster
(especially nice for
cold winter nights).


But the most comfortable
headwear I found
is made from an old
Here’s a link to the
directions on the
American Cancer Society

Since I lost my hair in the summer,
I frequently didn’t bother with any of these options,
choosing instead to go bare.


Whatever you decide, I hope you’ll remember what I forgot
when my hair started falling.
It’s only hair.
It will grow back.
Be glad you’ll be there to see it.curl

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