Cancer Lesson #???: There’s a Difference Between a Mountain and a Molehill.

Cancer Lesson #???: There’s a difference between a mountain and a molehill.

It’s nearly the New Year, the time each year when I feel obligated to come up with some grand resolution about what I will or won’t do in 2014.

I’m so bad at this, probably because buried beneath my parentally-engrained work ethic, there lurks a thick substratum of bone-deep laziness.

In my mind, it looks something like the thick bottom layer of this jello salad.


Layered Margarita Jello


Oh, I suppose I could say that I’ll to try to eat a more nutritious diet and avoid as many unpronounceable ingredients as possible (which probably leaves out the above Margarita Jello salad). I could resolve to fit in some exercise each day. Or — that perennial favorite — that I will finish the damned book. (For the record, I have finished three of them, and am now working on numbers four and five, as well as a novella.)

But, why bother? These efforts have become part of my daily life, even if I can’t claim 100% success.

Instead, I will focus on remembering an important cancer lesson: There’s a (big!) difference between a mountain and a molehill.

Yes, a bout with a life-threatening disease definitely helps put things into perspective. And though I sometimes forget and lapse into my usual whiny self, at some point, I manage to remind myself that there’s not much in this world that’s worth getting upset over.

So, if I must have a resolution this New Year’s, it will be to try to remember that fact a little earlier. Like, maybe before I start whining?

I’m sure my co-workers and family would drink to that.
Of course, most of them would drink to anything. 🙂


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