Cancer Lesson #32: Sleeping Arrangements

Cancer Lesson #33: Sleeping Arrangements

After coming from the hospital, I slept downstairs on our recliner for a week, maybe two. At least, it seemed like weeks to me. The Engineer claims it was only a few nights. I was on drugs at the time, so I guess we’ll take his word for it.

After moving upstairs to a bed, I still had to sleep sitting upright. My daughter loaned me her “read-in-bed” cushion. This item is more accurately called a “husband pillow,” but I just couldn’t bring myself to say my daughter loaned me her husband for my bed.

Eventually I mastered the art of slowly, and ever so carefully, turning onto my left side, thereby doubling my possible sleeping positions.  Unfortunately, I figured this out just before I had my port inserted in my left arm on June 17 (about seven weeks after my surgery).

Back to square one.

The Engineer asked, “How can you sleep in one position like that?”

I couldn’t believe he thought I had a choice.