Cancer Lesson #51: Wigs Are Hot

Cancer Lesson #51: Wigs are hot, and not always in a good way. (Although I will say my hairpiece with the raspberry-colored streaks was pretty damned fine).

Also, wigs make your scalp itch.

Baseball caps, on the other hand, are way cooler. They may even be “cool.”

I had chemo in the summer when the temperatures were hitting mid to high eighties most days. Frankly, I cared more about being cool than looking “cool.”

My Feminine Pink Ball CapMaybe I was delusional, but I kidded myself that my pink ball cap
added a certain femininity to my bald head.

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Cancer Lesson #35: “Cranial Prosthesis” = Wig

Cancer Lesson #35: “Cranial prosthesis” = wig.

Cancer patients can get a prescription for a cranial prosthesis, and some insurance companies will pay for at least part of the cost. I suppose if you called it a wig, they’d refuse.

In the end, I received a free wig from an American Cancer Society wig bank. Plus, my daughter sometimes let me wear two hairpieces she’d bought for fun, one in bubble gum pink and one in midnight blue and black.

These came from a shop I call the “Hooker Store.” I’m being facetious rather than pejorative because I love that store. But I’m convinced the place supplies most hookers and/or cross-dressers in Northern Ohio with whatever they need to create their version of glamour.

I also bought a wig there, chin-length in an alluring shade of magenta. Very chic! It made me smile whenever I passed a mirror, which is a very good thing when you’re in the middle of treatment for cancer.